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…a journey towards homesteading

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The browned grass is on full display from the picture window. It’s so windy in the Midwest, the leaves have choreographed dances with gusts and they seem to be getting tired day in and out. I keep telling myself, “Only two months”. Today marks 55 days left until the Spring equinox. Yesterday, that sweet spring smell was in the air. Taunting.

I am now 25 years old, as of January 18th, and was gifted a french-press from my parents, herbal tea from Matthew and the wee one, and some cash (tea money) from my grandfather. I hear there’s a dandelion necklace awaiting my neck, per my beautiful cousin.

jasmine tea steeping and spent. A french press full of warm herbs

jasmine tea steeping and spent. A french press full of warm herbs

Early last week, for a mere second, I heard the brass mail slot clank open and sounds of raindrops fall to the floor. My ears perked and even though I’d never heard that sound before, the noise sounded familiar. Popping around the corner from the bookshelf, right below the mail slot, was a yellow padded envelope. Quickly, I ripped the top off, rushed into the living room and dumped the contents onto the floor immediately. They were all there, PLUS ONE! Our heirloom seeds arrived within 3 days. This excitement was similar to the joy most people feel on Christmas morning. When the babe slept, I spent the cherished nap-time reading the back of each seed packet.

what an abundance

what an abundance

The garden plans for this year are being laid and little seedlings will be turning to sprouts in the sunlight, soon enough. Stacks of egg cartons are leaning as they wait to be used as planters. I’ve been slowly saving bits of my pay for garden renovation. The growing season will surely gift much experience regardless of the yields. Luckily, I’ve a green thumb.

Now, this hasn’t been a well kept secret, but I’m sure most of you may not be informed. Matthew and I are nose-diving into a 5-year-plan. Planning for what you might ask? No. Not another wee-one. Actually, something equally as time consuming and exhausting: A new lifestyle. A homestead.

Shortly after Matt and I met, we spilled our innermost guts. He was let in on my dreams of living in an earth-form home, I was let in on his dreams of being self sustaining. It’s no wonder we’ve meshed and decided to spend our lives together. After a couple years of chattering about things we wish we could do, but won’t ever have the space/finances/sanity/time for, we’ve decided to do it anyway. The process is endless, and much like deciding to have a child, this is something a person cannot ever be fully prepared for.

my my, how she loves him

Our hopes are high, but why not? The possibilities are endless. Chickens. Goats. Sheep. Rainwater collection. An acre of garden. Herbs on top of herbs on top of herbs. It’s dreamable, it’s doable.

Hope for warm days.


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a peek within a home


the Desert Rose is in for the Winter

I’ve been gone a while, but don’t you fret, it’s only Seasonal Depression at it’s best.

Matthew and I have been contemplating our future and laying out a 5 year plan. This got me to thinking of our future home together, so naturally, I scour the internet for future home ideas (shout out to Pinterest and The Selby).
The Selby website lets you peer into others homes, which is something I love. It might sound creepy, but it is.
I completely love seeing other’s knickknacks and cubbies, cabinets and closets.

So, why not let you see mine?

Keep your eyelids open, and enjoy.


Ishmael is yearning for warmth. Sunlight will do.

omNomNOM (24hr broth; Ricotta Spinach Tart; Quesadilla fixin's)

(24hr broth; Ricotta Spinach Tart; Quesadilla fixin’s)

re-purposed bookshelves into a pantry

re-purposed bookshelves into a pantry

in the dry cabinet

in the dry cabinet




a favorite cookbook

a favorite cookbook

ship's a sailin'

ship’s a sailin’


a few sketches

a few sketches


lvrm window

why yes that is a scarf acting as a curtain. Don’t mind the bunny ears.

this set up was promptly destroyed after babybug's nap

this set up was promptly destroyed after babybug’s nap

and to relax

and to relax

I too need to do laundry

I too need to do laundry

ceramic jewelry box

ceramic jewelry box

No, my house wasn’t this clean all at once, not with a toddler in the house. These photos were taken periodically within a week, when parts of my house were clean(er). No shame.



I’ll wait for your answer in the morning. (dailyprompt)

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DAWN.

the flopspot

Dawn is something I’m unable to cope with. Be it dreams or a restless babe, something keeps me in bed.
Something. Something that is necessary to be changed and molded into a quiet productive time.

But…how exactly? Do I make coffee first? Yoga? Make coffee and do yoga while it’s brewing?
Should I wait to put on any make-up I feel necessary at work? Because it will make me less likely to wear any?
What about the baby? She seems to be quite restless at dawn, when the sun peers through her blinds. Seclude myself to the living area and kitchen?
I suppose you can see why I am unable to cope with dawn. We’re at a battle of wits, Dawn and I.

How is your dawn, your morning? Do you have a routine, because in my moment, I can only dream of one, which seems to be while I’m resting in bed…every dawn.
Do you stretch or drink warm drinks? Do you make yourself a protein shake or stuff yourself with eggs? Do you run out the door pulling up your hair or wrestling your neck tie?

A new dawn is just hours away from now. Just a quick stretch in the bed and a vivid dream or two. I’m plotting as I type, and nothing feels right. A loose routine, a change, productivity must happen. I have the ability to be a morning person
don’t I?

I’m not allowing myself the choice.
Dawn, I call a truce.
I even call for a friendship. Can we be friends?
Best friends?

I’ll wait for your answer in the morning.

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Who…Whaa? An Award? For ME? Oh Shucks.

Ms. Nicole VW, on over at A Woven Life has nominated me for a Leibster Award! This, my readers, is exciting and oh so humbling! You know why? Because that means my tiny little footprint on the intarwebs means at least a snippet to a lovely lady. I also seem to fit the criteria of >200 followers. And you all get a small introduction to what flows though my noggin’ on the daily.

To accept this fancy schmancy little award, a nominee must:
• Link back and recognize the blogger who nominated them
• Answer ten questions given to you by the nominator
• Nominate ten other bloggers (with less than 200-ish followers) for the award
• Create ten questions for nominees to answer
• Notify your nominees
• Get a fancy schmancy award button!

Here are questions posed by Nicole VW, and my answers as followed:

  • One. What was the last thing you ate?
    After having a dinner of deliciously fluffy catfish with my two loves and laid the babe to rest, Matteau and I indulged. A Blondie cookie bar (from my absolutely perfect neighbors) topped with ripe strawberries and a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Indulgence perfected.
  • Two. What do you love about your blog?
    I love that my blog is simply, me. I’ve given myself the option to open up my life to the world, at large and it isn’t the least bit of painful. Allowing myself to shamelessly share every bit I feel worthy is what I love about my blog. Because, that really is me.
  • Three. What do you not love about your blog?
    It could be fancier, and better put together. It could have more structure and Photoshop skills (I do not have). It could be a lot of things, it’s not. But it’s getting there.
    It could be updated more…ha.
  • Four. When do you feel most inspired to blog? 
    After I live though a moment I love. The instant gratification of sharing my experience with someone with ears and a mind, gets me. Luckily, Matteau takes most of the brunt of that, because there may be multiple entries per day.
  • Five. Which shoe do you put on first, left or right?
    Whichever shoe I find first. I’d prefer to keep my shoes paired together, but that’s just not the case in my household. Eviebug is a notorious shoe scatter’er, and that’s alright. I just must allow myself a couple extra minutes before an event to gather my lost sole (<–see what I did there, knee slapper, I know), and smile through it all.
  • Six. What every-day object is out to get you? 
    A thrifted, antique leather office chair.  Recently, I purchased a new, vibrant leaf patterned rug that accents the living room so subtly, and the office chair often attempts at coaxing me to tear it to shreds. I flop into it, kick up my leg and pull up Reddit, only for it it’s metal wheel to catch the edge of my new rug, leaving me in a position to carefully move and adjust the chair, while shaming it about keeping the new rug laid flat. We have a complicated relationship.
  • Seven. Coffee or tea?
    Today I’m greedy, and say both. Coffee is there for me in the mornings saying, “Hey Lexi, wake the hell up. It’s 7:30 and if you were 60, you’d have been up for 2 hours by now. Eat a good breakfast, think about doing yoga more often.”
    And tea…oh tea. You’re there when I’m sick and sniffling, or when I need a warm pick-me-up with a spoon of local, rich honey. I need some tea now.
  • Eight. What single blogging moment has been most satisfying to you?
    Realizing I made it more complicated for myself in my head before I began my blog. Blogging is about whatever you want it to be about. And to be quite honest, it doesn’t mean much if it’s awful, because it’s completely disposable, and I’m allowed a million of these things if I’ve got the content. So I need to just write, and write my heart out, exactly the way my heart feels it, because damn, that’s satisfying.
  • Nine. What is your guilty pleasure?
    Sitting in a hot-tub until I feel like my skin is about to slip off of me. With wine. A jug of wine.
  • Ten. What does five-year-old you think of grown-up you? 
    I’m not sure, because I do not consider myself “grown-up” yet. However, I believe five-year-old me thinks I’m holding current-me together pretty well, and is pretty proud I’ve kept this baby alive for over a year, without dropping her once. Five-year-old me is very impressed with that one.

To keep this little chain ‘a goin’ I nominate …Well I’ll just have to nominate later, because everyone I follow has over 200 followers! It’s alright, they’ll enjoy it when they get it.