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It’s spring; time to uproot.

Uproot. The home, that is.
It’s been a while since I’ve written. Not that I’ve had nothing to write, but that time has been sparse. Boxing up life is never something I relish. Jars have been packed as have the books. The wee-lass’ room. Magic erasers have become a precious resource and the steam mop is making up for lost time.


Today we sign a lease. A new home is in our immediate future, and hopefully our not so immediate future. ┬áTen days ago I received a phone call from our landlord making us aware that the owner of our house will be putting the home on the market in 30 days, thus, uprooting our family. It wasn’t the most welcomed of conversations, but it was certainly something I couldn’t change.

Luckily, I found a new home for us, within 3 short days and today is the day we make that deal final. My small family hopes this to be the last time we pack our lives until we purchase a piece of land with a tiny home upon it. It’s our belief that this one should be a keeper. Set back in a nook, away from the road and shaded for the heat. The garden should do well, even if started so late.

This was short. Too many empty boxes. Too much “stuff”.
Minimizing. Uprooting. And inviting love into a new space.