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To Re-purpose is Reaping Purpose

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When my family is in need of an appliance, clothing, fabric or gadgets, you’ll often find us stowed away in the farthest corner of a thrift store. Looking over previously owned items is partly zen for me. Touching a coffee mug and finding any cracks or chips leads my mind wandering who previously held and possibly chipped the lip of this mug? Who decided it was worth discarding for the use of another? Many of the items I use daily I’ve found on the shelves of thrift stores or  tables in garage sales. I may even go as far to say, about half of the items we own, have been previously owned by another person.  I take pride in this, because I know that I’ve reduced the need to create these items new. Those shoes I bought at Goodwill didn’t come new from a factory, because I didn’t need them to be new for me to enjoy their use.

In recent months after the move to our new home I have been going as far as re-purposing items for use rather than purchasing previously owned items. This reduces the waste footprint my family may have on our earth, and I’m keen to it. That old scarf I once used as a breast-feeding cover makes a great front door curtain. The previous life of our mail-box was once a baby formula container. One of the most charming planters in our window once liquored me up into a good night, as a pint of vodka. Giving a new purpose to old items that are regularly donated or tossed to the landfill fills me with an almost overabundance of satisfaction. And lets be honest, using a two 6-pack’s as a silverware divider is genius.

Yesterday as I was planning an organizational chart for our kitchen, I came across my stack of tea cups with broken handles. These cups were a gift, and they’re patterned beautifully. They’ve been so cherished, I’ve stashed them away rather than discard them, but there had to be a better use for them. Luckily they will be gaining a new life, as succulent planters after holes are drilled in their bottoms. Every week I’m finding new use for items, and I love it.


Have you re-purposed anything recently? What has been your favorite item to re-purpose? A list is growing on my kitchen wall of to-do’s and want-to-do’s! I need more! I personally, can not get enough glass jars. A shelf and a few boxes worth aren’t enough. Most of them haven’t been given a new life, however the possibilities are endless.

door collage

To re-purpose is genuinely to reap purpose…and how ever so fulfilling.


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