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A New Beginning to an Old Town (dailyprompt)


Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEGINNING.

May 6th was a Monday. Moving day for us, our family. After living in Kansas City for 2 years I had my own family all of a sudden, and this year we chose to move back to my hometown.
There’s a reason I moved away, in 2011. Actually, many’a’reasons. To summarize: Baggage and a New Experience.
I’ve lived my whole life and had thousands of different relationships, all of different dynamics all within the 45 square miles of my hometown.  I considered myself a bit of mentally unstable for even considering to move back.
In Kansas City, my family lived directly in front of a very well kept city park, with miles of walking trails, multiple fountains and play equipment. We were blocks away from the quirky bar and boutique district of town and one small mile from a shopping Plaza and urbanized creek.  We had an amazing view of the city from our top floor apartment and lived far enough from the traffic, yet plenty close. A Puppet-House is still currently being built in front of the apartment complex. I’m sure you’re wondering why I would even consider the move.
To summarize: convenience. LittleChicken was 7 months old and requires resources on top of expensive resources. We were also looking for more room at a similar rent and a bit less of a commute.
The the new beginning in my old hometown has been somewhat fruitful. When house-hunting I reached out and stumbled upon a home for sale, soon up for rent, along a parkway with miles of walking trail and a playground just 2 blocks south on the trail.  The house also has the luxury of being residential only on one side. Portions of the city park are directly across from our home, which leaves us a nice green field across the street  that happens to be sloped at the perfect angle to sled safely down after snowfall, with a one-year-old. As I type, I spot five yellowing maple trees and another turning crimson along the parkway.
When moving in, we chose the largest U-Haul, which proved to be a feat to maneuver. While parking the truck in the grey drizzle, our new neighbor appears on his front porch with urgency in his eyes. He takes a quick trip to introduce himself and convinces Matt he does indeed have the ability to back the 26ft U-Hall to the front steps. Little did we know, this grey haired man in the flannel jacket would become an amazing friend, along with his wife.  And surely enough, with our neighbors guidance Matt did back the 26 foot truck right onto our front stairs.
In all, the move is still a toss-up. The neighborhood is lovely, but living here doesn’t come without it’s old haunts. I miss the anonymity of going into a grocery store and not knowing a single soul. But I love the ability to walk into any bar and greet old friends. Soon I’m beginning a new journey in my old home town. A friend of mine and I are now Local Chapter Leaders of a women’s group: I Am That GIrl. I’ll be meeting new women from all around the area in the weeks to come.
Maybe a new beginning to an old town is what I needed, if just for a little bit.



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