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I’ll wait for your answer in the morning. (dailyprompt)


6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DAWN.

the flopspot

Dawn is something I’m unable to cope with. Be it dreams or a restless babe, something keeps me in bed.
Something. Something that is necessary to be changed and molded into a quiet productive time.

But…how exactly? Do I make coffee first? Yoga? Make coffee and do yoga while it’s brewing?
Should I wait to put on any make-up I feel necessary at work? Because it will make me less likely to wear any?
What about the baby? She seems to be quite restless at dawn, when the sun peers through her blinds. Seclude myself to the living area and kitchen?
I suppose you can see why I am unable to cope with dawn. We’re at a battle of wits, Dawn and I.

How is your dawn, your morning? Do you have a routine, because in my moment, I can only dream of one, which seems to be while I’m resting in bed…every dawn.
Do you stretch or drink warm drinks? Do you make yourself a protein shake or stuff yourself with eggs? Do you run out the door pulling up your hair or wrestling your neck tie?

A new dawn is just hours away from now. Just a quick stretch in the bed and a vivid dream or two. I’m plotting as I type, and nothing feels right. A loose routine, a change, productivity must happen. I have the ability to be a morning person
don’t I?

I’m not allowing myself the choice.
Dawn, I call a truce.
I even call for a friendship. Can we be friends?
Best friends?

I’ll wait for your answer in the morning.


4 thoughts on “I’ll wait for your answer in the morning. (dailyprompt)

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  3. I probably don’t even need to tell you how much we love the morning around these parts. Wake up is at 6:00am. There is the happy marching/crawling of Doug to the kitchen to check on his pots and pans, the brewing of coffee, an exchange of warm kisses and hugs for all. We break fast. We plan for the morning. Papa leaves. And by 10:00am I’ve walked or trotted a few miles. Today we saw an eagle swoop down and pluck a fish from the river. FUCKING-A. I love the morning. But we are in bed by 8:30pm. One must choose.

    • I love to hear you have such a lovely morning time! I’m working my way there. Yesterday was 5:30 AM. Today was 6:30AM. It WILL happen. Bed by 9:30. You seem to have such a solid routine, which I can only hope and work for.

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