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Cleaner and clense

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The Hunter’s Moon is on it’s way, October 18th’s the date. This moon is also often recognized as the Blood Moon or the Late Harvest Moon. September and early October, the fields have been harvested and Game will come munch the fallen grains. The deer will be fattened, and my Native American ancestors would have been looking forward to storing meat for the long winter ahead. The bright moon makes it an ideal night for hunting.

The cold lunar months are rolling in. This means crockpot season. Speaking of, this coming year will mark my 5th year of vegetarianism. What a nice mark. Yesterday was grocery day, and Matteau craves warm, steaming bowls of hearty goodness. He’s lovingly slipped into a more herbivorous lifestyle, benefiting from a cleaner way of eating. I suppose you could consider my house a “lacto-ovo-pescitarian” home. This means, we eat everything BUT meat. And we actually DO eat fish meat/shellfish and things of the sort.

Eviebug follows suit and enjoys our household diet as well. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind feeding your child different food than you feed yourself, simply because of their age (excluding nuts/unmanageable foods).  She eats curry, smoked salmon, falafel, couscous, you name it. And she simply loves it. The different textures and smells make the bug bounce like crazy in her chair. Today she managed a tuna sandwich all by herself today. Both hands on the prize.

Before Matt could have a fit of hunger I ran to Pinterest for the most delicious vegetarian dishes, and find a cheesey veggie stew. I consider recipes really nice guidelines for things that might taste good, but could always taste better. It simply seems impossible to follow a recipe step-by-step, because, what if you’re pretty sure celery salt should exist where it simply doesn’t in your recipe? To the sweet, sweet sounds of the The Shins, in goes the vegetable stock in place of the chicken stock. And why only a cup of carrots? Definitely 4 whole carrots, shredded, not measured. Why measure when you can eye-ball? And only cheddar? I’ll go ahead and add Monterrey Jack and Romano simply for my sanity. After 3 hours it was perfect. A light tawny brown, but hue from yellow, with flecks of dark green broccoli florets and a few strands of orange carrots at the top. Completely perfect, and settled, for taste. It became hard for us both to leave leftovers for the next day, when stew’s at it’s best.

Along with vegetarianism, recently, I’ve transitioned onto the greener side of life. I lay no claim to being super-eco-friendly, however, small steps matter. It’s been about 4 months since shampoo has touched my scalp. Really. Four whole months. I’ve not a thing to complain about though. No oily hair, no dandruff, no buildup.  The less I shampoo, when I ask my hair to do something, it generally complies. I’ve joined, what some may consider a movement for “No-Poo”. I came across this method of scalp/hair care a few years ago. It seemed quite interesting, that you could not use shampoo or conditioner on your hair yet still have very clean and manageable hair. It seems our good friends in advertising and marketing have convinced us for years that we MUST buy shampoo and conditioner to keep from being gross mats of hair. Truly, they’ve got us ridding our scalp of the necessary oils it needs to be healthy, replacing them with man-made chemicals, then taunting our scalps to overproduce the oil it actually needs to be healthy. Wash, rinse, repeat. They’re doing a great job of it. Every time I’ve mentioned my methods outside of the home, the strange looks fall upon my head.

To clean my hair I use a simple solution: 2 tbsp baking soda: 1 cup warm water. Pour slowly on the scalp and let it dripdrip to the ends. Massage the scalp slowly for about a minute, and let those head-oils soak up. Rinse that shiz out. 2 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 cup warm water. Dip ends of hair into the cup, and soak 30 seconds, then pour the rest over your head. Rinse thouroughly, immediately.
This has worked wonderfully, and has restored my natural curls that I’ve lost due to the evil hair straightener.

With all this hair talk, we’re forgetting it’s hat season. October has brought it’s lows, and they’re hovering around 40°F. This makes for the coziest mornings, but dyingly cold nights for my table-top garden. These last 2 years, I’ve collected an array of succulent plants that eat up the summer sunshine. This week, I heard them shivering in their little clay pots. ‘Tis time to move them in. They’re now nestled against a window ledge in the family room. FishieFace doesn’t seem to mind the new plant-stand/jungle gym. She’s barely touched it. It must blend in with the wall.

October’s calling me to organize my home, for a long cold winter ahead. No one wants to rot in a cluttered home when the weather is a drag. The windows cannot even be thrown open to bring in the smell of the warm jet-stream. Organize seems a Four Letter Word around the Moore-Geckley house. LittleBug must empty the bookshelf at least twice a day, and no less. But regardless, this house will be more settled towards the end of the week. I’ll even let you into my home, for proof.

obligatory baby and kitty photo

obligatory bugbaby and kitty photo

Remember, the dinner we eat tonight                               was but that of the sun just months ago.


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  1. ❤ glad you're blogging ! Keep up the good work, I'm super curious about these foods :)!

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