Through Finger Tips

…a journey towards homesteading

…and so it begins.

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This, blog/journal/recollection collection/notepad is where you’ll find me. How often is unsure. I’ve got to catch the hang of it and find my jive. Don’t worry now, it most certainly will not be forced nor painful to read through.
I’m on a journey and I’m opening a window for the world to watch me through. I’m growing warmer and shifting everything I’ve known about myself into a contrasting version of the old and new pieces I find every day.
Now let me introduce the lead characters in my life:
New Bitmap Image (2)
You’ll learn plenty about me. No ramblings

The man and the babe
His name is Matthew, affectionately Matteau. Hers? Evie. Booger. Bubble. Little fish. Ploper.
I’ve been blessed with a handful of love, a dash of charm and a grain of adoring babbles.

and this one

Ishmael. He’s a good guy.

Now back to the grit. I’ve come a long way this past year, and lost 40lbs as of the current. The relationship Matteau and I share has blossomed into something wonderful, whilst nurturing and teaching the little Bubble. He’s head over heels with her, and my heart is full each time I see him watching her ever learning move.
This adventure we all call “life” is ship-shaping up into a continuous piece of art. I’m more whole each day.

Being so delighted to share, I hope you choose to return in the future as you are now welcome in my home/life/mind. Please accept this invitation and don’t worry I’ll still be here if you show up late. I’ve always been a fan of the late arrivals.

Happy trails to you                          until we meet again.


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